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Koh Chang to Cambodia via Hat Lek

It was the day we'd been dreading; the day our visa ran out and we had to leave Thailand. We were excited about going to Cambodia, but we were not excited about getting to Cambodia- via the border at Hat Lek.

I'd done a lot of online research (typical me!), and it became painfully clear that this journey was going to be difficult. 'The Hat Lek crossing is the worst!' and 'be prepared for SCAMS!', read the advice.

I wished we could just stay in Thailand, but we'd already extended our tourist visa and our allotted 3 months was up. We had no choice but to leave, and Hat Lek/Cham Yeam was the closest and cheapest crossing.

Scam #1:  Evisa
After reading about the 'visa on arrival scam', we decided to purchase a Cambodian evisa online. But this was still troublesome; there were quite alot of people on TripAdvisor who reported that they had never received their evisa after their online payment had been taken!

We decided to take a gamble, as the visa on arri…