The Unicorn Café, Bangkok

The Unicorn Cafe, Bangkok 

Have you ever dreamt of a world full of pink fluffy clouds and rainbow glitter? How about a side order of multicoloured ice cream with that? Who knew that your dreams could come true at the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok!

We decided to go for afternoon tea (of sorts) here after getting vaccinations at the Thai Red Cross Society travel clinic. I've always been fanatical about unicorns and believed they were real for an unacceptably long time (Father Christmas was a fallacy way before the unicorn!). After discovering that this cafe existed from watching vlogger Krysti Jaims take a trip there on YouTube, we just had to go. It looked too ridiculous not to!

We decided to walk from the Thai Red Cross Society (it was a 30ish minute walk), which was an interesting and entertaining experience. We passed sprawling street stalls, men selling oranges out of the back of trucks with loudhailers advertising their wares, and curious buskers playing instruments we'd never seen before. It was a delightful assault on the senses.

We walked round the corner and were confronted with a shopfront sporting a logo in pink and purple glitter, and a gigantic unicorn statue guarding the entrance to an unearthly place. A myriad of selfies were being taken. We got the camera out and joined in. The giant unicorn didn't seem bothered about its celebrity status, it gazed on with cool indifference.

On entering the cafe, you'll immediately notice the hundreds of unicorn plushie toys adorning the ceiling and walls, and others sharing your seat at the tables. It's quite a sight to behold. We grabbed a menu, sat on a pastel blue faux-leather sofa fit for a make-believe princess, and perused the ridiculous options.

There was an array of unicorn-themed sweet and savoury options to try. Fantastic blue spaghetti carbonara, tricoloured iced lattes served in a star-shaped receptacle, multicoloured waffles... Everything looked outrageous, and every dish came complete with an edible unicorn horn, even the burger! It was quite surreal. We decided to give the loud looking pasta dish a miss and opted for a selection of sweet treats instead.

We had hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows (including a mini unicorn horn ice cream cone) (100 Baht/£2.35), a magic star iced latte (150 Baht/£3.50) and blue, purple and pink waffles with gummy bear ice cream and fruits (200 Baht/£4.70). It was a whole mountain of sugar and we definitely felt sugar-high crazy afterwards.

It is slightly on the expensive side, but still not outrageous for the amount of food you get. Even though the dishes were obviously full of sugar, they tasted good and not too sickly. Our favourite was the hot cocoa. And, let's face it, it's not really all about the food. It's a very photogenic place. The glitter, the colours, the unicorns and the staff wearing outfits make it a social media paradise!

The customers were mainly tourists like ourselves, couples and groups of friends. The women were loving it and the men pretended they weren't, but really they loved it too. This is a place anyone can enjoy. We left feeling tired, happy and dazed. On our way to the train station we noticed another branch of the cafe round the corner. It said. 'Zone A' on the front. We must have been in 'Zone B', and we were glad we'd found that one first, as Zone A didn't look half as good. Worth noting if you're planning a trip there.

We walked to the nearest BTS station, which is Chong Nonsi- about a 10 minute walk away, and went back to our apartment to dream of pink fluffy clouds, glitter and unicorns, and more importantly, to come down from our sugar high!

Are you planning a trip to the Unicorn Cafe or have you been before?
Tell us what you thought in the comments- we'd love to hear about it!

Watch the vlog of our trip to the cafe here:


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